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Revenue Issue Headline Results for 2014

Preliminary Results for 2014 were issued by Revenue on 12th January detailing the performance over a 12 month period including exchequer tax receipts, LPT compliance, Home Renovation Scheme and Compliance Interventions. Revenue’s focus in 2014 has been and will remain to support Voluntary Compliance by tax payers. “Our headline results published today show that we are very active in that regard. We will continue to maximise the use of data and the deployment of analytics and risk assessment approaches to identify non-compliance and to target our resources to tackle this risk” said Commissioner Cody.

Commissioner Cody also pointed out the compliance rate, in particular for LPT representing 95% but also for medium cases with annual tax greater €75k representing 97% and all other cases below €75k at 83%.

The full report can be accessed following this link http://www.revenue.ie/en/press/2015/pr-120115-headline-results.html